Welcome to Tullochs Tasmania- the Tasmanian online timed sale experts

Welcome to Tullochs Tasmania.

Tullochs combines the very best of old and new, with a heritage steeped CBD showroom, conveniently located at 3-7 George St we are the only auction house in the Launceston CBD and proud to be leaders in innovation, revolutionising auctions in Tasmania by bringing the accessibility and convenience of online timed sales to the state as well as bringing retails sales to our showrooms by selling items outright in between sales.

Since taking our auctions to the next level by going online we have broken world records with our sales of a Delorean DMC12, a Ford Fairmont XB coupe , Tasmanian number plate 1 and George Peddle chairs whilst continuing a steady flow of unique artworks by Forrest, Glover and Streeton, antiques, persian carpets, jewellery, coins, bottles, china,  as well as the mundane but practical fridges, washers and cheap cars and the "don't need it but I want it" vintage, rusty gold and retro pieces.

Moving online and having the goods on display in our showroom means it's now convenient for everyone to bid without the risk associated with buying sight unseen. You can buy at Tullochs with confidence (have a look at our buying page for our common decency warranty).

Our sales are open for bidding for a full seven days allowing you to bid in your time, from the comfort of wherever you want to be.

We want to make buying at easy, risk free and most of all a lot of fun! Within our staff we have an excellent spread of knowledge covering everything from antiques, vintage, vehicles, coins, jewellery, we also have the most qualified and experienced valuers and antique experts at our disposal. Whether you are buying or selling, you'll always do better at Tullochs.

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We love to sell cars, find out about our 0% commission

Sell your car for free at Tullochs Tasmania

Start revving your engines!

Tullochs LOVE to sell cars, now they are backing this devotion with a 0% commission on cars.

Nada. Nil. Zip. Zilch. If you sell a car through Tullochs Tasmania’s wildly popular online auctions you will not pay any sales commission.

The car market has been affected by COVID19 in the same way property has & the heat just keeps cranking, it makes perfect sense to use an auction to get the best price the market offers!

Tullochs now have WEEKLY auctions

In response to increased demand and to ensure a better user experience, Tullochs Auctions have increased online timed sales frequency to weekly!

Catalogues are open for bidding from Thursday morning and close the following Wednesday evening from 7.30 pm. Lots are continually added throughout this period. If you pop in to our CBD showrooms and spot something you love that has already been offered in an online sale you can buy it right there and then.

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The Wonderful World of Rugs at Tullochs

An unexpected great feature of our auction rooms is our amazing quality imported oriental Persian style rugs, hand knotted in a great array of sizes and designs. Whilst we were a little perplexed by the appearance of the large number of exotic rugs here in Launceston, Tasmania we have been astonished at the quality and resilience the rugs have demonstrated, not only are they beautiful they are practical, hardwearing and warm, they can be refreshed with a brush and a sprinkle of water and stains tend to come right out! Don’t be fooled by similar looking but lower quality rugs, they tend to curl, move and hold stains. Our rugs are available all the time- not just through auction, if you find one you like we would love to broker a deal with our vendor to get you the perfect beautiful rug for your home.

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