Tullochs has made some exciting changes and now offers fortnightly online auctions. Just browse the lots at Tullochs online catalogues or come in and find the perfect item in our huge showrooms, then sign up as a bidder- once you have a username and password registering for and bidding at any of our auctions is easy! You can leave a maximum bid or bid as you go along over the course of the week all whilst bidding from the comfort of wherever you happen to be from your pc, smartphone or tablet.

If you have any questions please call 0363315200, email admin@tullochs.com or just come in and see us, we are more than happy to help you with the bidding process and get you started

Tullochs Auctions is Tasmania's favourite auction house, selling fine art, antiques, jewellery, collector cars, quality general goods and more.

You can find such treasures as artworks by Haughton Forrest, Andrea Locatelli, W.B Gould, John Glover, huon pine furniture and Sargison's spoons in our antique and collectables auctions, a Ford XB  Falcon coupe or a Vincent motorcycle at our collector car auctions, or maybe you need a fridge? You might pick one up at our general goods auctions!

To us, buying at auction shows you are savvy enough to sniff out a bargain and a rare treasure, it is ecologically friendly and expresses individuality, it is great way to find truly unique decorator pieces and household essentials.

Buying at auction isn't for a select few, it is for everyone and after all... why would you buy retail when you can buy quality goods at wholesale prices?

Pick yourself up a treasure in rooms or online at Tullochs Online Auctions

Enjoy browsing our website!

Auctioneers with Integrity

Here at Tulloch's we pride ourselves on being responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. These days most people are unable to attend auctions in person on a weekday, but lots of people still want to buy the treasures and bargains we sell, With this in mind we have introduced online auctions to Tasmania! We have bidders from the local area, interstate and international and vendors bring us items that they wouldn’t sell at a regional, in rooms only auction house so our stock just gets better and better (which in turn brings more bidders)!Did you know that we will not knowingly sell faulty goods, if we say something works and it doesn't, you get your money back- simple. Tulloch's is not a 'clearing house' that disposes of goods at any price. We do not sell faulty goods or items of little worth, and our facility in Launceston is sufficiently large that customer's goods can be stored, advertised, and have the benefit of more than one auction event in order for them to sell at their proper market value.

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Midwinter Treasures and Classics 28th July 2018- a Resounding Success!

Tulloch's Latest Midwinter Treasures and Classics Auction was well attended with hundreds registered online as well as our in rooms bidders, a new record for Goerge Peddle railway chairs was set with a hammer price of $3100 for one pair and $3000 for the next. Other notable prices achieved under the hammer included $9000 for a small Haughton Forrest oil, $4600 for a Prof Guiseppe Bessie bust of Sappho & $1000 for an embroidered rosewood firescreen. Plenty of automobilia and cars also sold and there have been strong aftersales on goods not sold under the hammer. We can't wait for our next, but in the meantime we have some wonderful stock in our online auctions. Come in and see us!

our latest catalogue for our online catalogue is live now.

The Tullochs Advantage

Selling with Tulloch's Auctions has a plethora of advantages over other selling methods, for example if you are selling via an online classifieds site the offers on your goods only go one direction, down from the advertised price whereas at auction it only goes up! Our online auctions have local, interstate and international bidders with many times more bidders than an in-rooms only auction can possibly offer, we also directly market to our email subscriber list, have a very engaged social media presence across several platforms as well as traditional advertising- more exposure and easier bidding means finding the people who really want what you have to sell and therefore the highest price the market has to offer. This is something a traditional in-rooms auction in a city of 53,000 simply cannot compete with. Our list of bidders and followers increases every single online auction. As well as our in-rooms auctions we have a continuous on-line auction program and a full time direct-marketing sales staff to ensure constant selling of goods. Both of these initiatives are a first for Tasmania.

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Why buy at Tullochs?

Buying at Tullochs offers many advantages for you, unlike eBay you can come and inspect the items we sell, Unlike Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace you don't have to run all over town- all our items are in same convenient spot and we have many items for sale right now too! Unlike a traditional in-rooms auction you don't need to spend your whole day in a draughty warehouse, sitting in uncomfortable seats, waiting for the item you want to come up-only to be outbid (or worse still leave an absentee bid and hope for the best) instead our online auctions close in the evenings and you bid easily from your own device-you have the control! You can search our online auctions using keywords, make watch lists, pop in a maximum bid or wait to bid live. We can arrange shipping and add the cost to your invoice, just let us know! We are always selling, if an item has been through an auction, not sold and you are interested in it we can sell it to you in between auctions. At Tullochs you can find a huge range of goods from whitegoods, classic cars, antiques, coins, jewellery, hand knotted carpets and more at better than wholesale prices!

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A network of on and offsite experts at your disposal- a new philosophy

Our onsite staff are not just friendly and helpful, they are also knowledgeable and experienced with collectively 150 years of auction going, collecting, restoring and selling but even with all of this no one person can know it all, the antique market with its peaks, troughs and trends is moving and dynamic. We have offsite consulting experts as well and instead of competing with the major auction houses we've formed mutually beneficial relationships with them to keep abreast of pricing and trends and to access a knowledge base that spans the entire country.

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The Wonderful Rugs of Tullochs

An unexpected great feature of our auction rooms is our amazing quality imported oriental Persian style rugs, hand knotted in a great array of sizes and designs. Whilst we were a little perplexed by the appearance of the large number of exotic rugs here in Launceston, Tasmania we have been astonished at the quality and resilience the rugs have demonstrated, not only are they beautiful they are practical, hardwearing and warm, they can be refreshed with a brush and a sprinkle of water and stains tend to come right out! Don’t be fooled by similar looking but lower quality rugs, they tend to curl, move and hold stains. Our rugs are available all the time- not just through auction, if you find one you like we would love to broker a deal with our vendor to get you the perfect beautiful rug for your home.

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