How to sign up to bid online

If you’re yet to experience the fun (and rewards) of online bidding, here’s a quick guide to get you started!

1: Go to, then click on ‘LOGIN / NEW BIDDER’ at the top of the screen – click on ‘NEW BIDDER’.
Enter the email address you want to use for your account on both lines and click ‘CHECK EMAIL’.

2: If your email isn’t registered you will be taken to a form called ‘TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF’.
Enter your information on this form. Don’t use nicknames or fake addresses as this is hibids’ way of verifying you as a real person. If you enter false information you may not be able to place any bids. This information is secure!

3: Scroll to the bottom of the form and give yourself a user ID, a password and your email address. We cannot recover your password so please remember it or you’ll have to go through the steps of password recovery. You can also select the notification options you want from hibid. These can be changed at any stage.

4: If you get the ‘WELCOME’ message then you were successful at creating an account in hibid and you’re ready and able to bid!