Tullochs Online Sales are Now WEEKLY

Exciting news at Tullochs Auctions, we have increased the frequency of our online auctions to weekly to make auctions even more acessible and convenient for our buyers!

If you are thinking of selling, here’s why you should sell with Tullochs Tasmania;
1. We have thousands of experienced online buyers throughout Tasmania, the mainland & the rest of the world. Our accessibility allows us to ship worldwide. With every auction, our number of registered bidders increases.
2. We have weekly auctions, which keeps buyers engaged & ensures a fast turnaround for sellers. This in turn, naturally helps our local economy.
3. We’re the only CBD auction house in Tasmania. Given this, we see a lot of ‘walk in’ buyers who pop in & purchase goods which have already been through an auction & are available to be sold outright. We’re always selling, one way, or another.
4. We have the lowest seller commissions in the state with no insurance or administrative fees.
5. We’re onsite 6 days a week & happily available to both buyers & sellers alike.
6. We don’t accept junk or faulty goods. We only accept quality goods. Our buyers expect quality goods which they’re happy to pay for.
7. We value, understand & utilise multi-strand marketing in order to get you the best price for your items. This includes a huge amount of engaged social media followers, an exceptional database, television advertising, paid online marketing & newspaper advertisements.
8. We’re experienced, honest, passionate about what we do, progressive & always growing.
9. We’re happy to organise collection & delivery of your goods, should you require assistance in this regard.
In fact, whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll always do better at Tullochs.

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